Development Engineer

Exeter, UK.

The eCow group of companies is continually developing new products to improve the monitoring of dairy cows, goats, sheep and beef cattle. Products are linked through the IoT and capture data about parameters of animal health that are invisible to humans. We need an engineer to build and test prototype systems and to work with design consultants and software developers to ensure that the most reliable technology is built into our systems. Our systems need to be reliable to operate in difficult conditions in milking parlours which are wet and range in temperatures from -20 to +40.

The ideal candidate will be able to build simple electro-mechanical systems, implement software on embedded single board computers and design and implement test programs to ensure products are reliable in all conditions. The candidate will be responsible for setting up and operating a test rig to simulate full operational cycles in a range of environmental conditions and aiding the designers to identify the best technical solution.

The candidate will need to be able to install or supervise skilled technicians to do so on farms initially in the South West UK and follow up the systems over time to validate performance.


  • Design and build prototype systems
  • Liaise with our software engineers and external design consultants
  • Design and build test rigs to provide a continuous test environment
  • Any other tasks deemed necessary by line management to fulfil the role

Essential Requirements

  • Understand the system requirements and identify tasks
  • Ability to work using own initiative and as part of a team
  • Ability to work with farmers and their consultants
  • The ability to work in a fast paced and changeable environment.