The fertility management crisis in dairying is only getting worse

Now it is time to apply a new technology

Milkalyser is an integrated, sensor-based technology that provides advanced and low-cost milk analysis.

Deployed on-site in the milking parlour, Milkalyser automates the inline analysis of milk progesterone concentration, and maps a progesterone profile for each cow.

Up to £250

Saving on each cow by reducing days open, and improving productivity

Keep your best cows for longer

Reduce culling based on infertility by better fertility management

Gold standard

Bring the gold standard of oestrus detection on to your farm

Innovation in Farming

Current technology is lacking and unreliable

  • Observation detects only 55% of oestrus
  • Collars can get up to 75% but with many false positives

We have developed an automated system which measures the fall of progesterone levels that occurs before ovulation in cows. Milkalyser technology can predict ovulation, allowing for optimal timing of artificial insemination.

The inability of dairy cows to conceive can cause a severe decrease in milk production, resulting in healthy animals being culled, as their failure to conceive is being mistaken for infertility.

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