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The fertility crisis in dairying is only getting worse! Now it’s time to apply some new technology


  • Current technology is lacking and unreliable
  • Observation detects only 55% of oestrus
  • Collars can get up to 75% but with many false positives
  • However…
  • Milk analysis detects 97% of oestrus
  • Milk analysis detects anoestrus
  • Milk analysis detects pregnancy

pic of milk in a glass


Introducing Milkalyser

Milkalyser is a new development that offers online progesterone analysis in conventional high throughput parlours, as well as robots. Our patent protected system will bring low cost milk analysis to the farm. We are in early stage development now and we will be demonstrating the prototype in 2016.

Take part in our market survey of the needs of farmers for better fertility monitoring here or contact us directly if you farm in South West England and want to be an early test site.