About Us

Milkalyser is an innovative system which automates the inline analysis of milk progesterone, revolutionising fertility management. Progesterone analysis is the gold standard of oestrus detection, and Milkalyser will bring this to every farm.
Through automation, Milkalyser removes the time and labour demands normally associated with progesterone analysis. Using our specialised algorithms, Milkalyser can provide data driven insights into each cow’s oestrus cycle and beyond.

Advanced progesterone sensor

Innovative technology

Integrated data analysis

Targeted management insights

How does it work?

Using of a combination of sensors, innovative technology, and data analysis, Milkalyser automates the inline analysis of progesterone from milk. Regular sampling using Milkalyser builds an individualised progesterone profile for each cow in the herd.

Using this profile, oestrus can be identified, as well as unsuccessful inseminations, reproductive disorders, and pregnancy loss. As a result, the number of cows culled based on infertility could be reduced.

Why Milkalyser?

The dairy industry is facing a crisis in fertility management and poor oestrus detection is a key factor in this. Conventional oestrus detection methods such as collars or chalking, rely on detecting behavioural oestrus. Recent evidence suggests that behavioural oestrus is declining in length and intensity, reducing the effectiveness of these technologies.

However, there is an alternative. Milkalyser makes routine progesterone analysis reality. Milkalyser provides the user with the data they need to improve their fertility management.

Company background

Milkalyser Limited is an agricultural technology start-up based in the beautiful city of Exeter in the South West of England. Following the success of eCow Devon Ltd, Professor Toby Mottram formed Milkalyser in 2016. Milkalyser has created an innovative technology which will revolutionise the management of dairy cows. From his vast experience in the dairy industry, Professor Mottram identified a crisis in the management of fertility in dairy cows stemming from poor oestrus detection.

With this in mind, Professor Mottram developed an inline progesterone analysis system. His vision was a system which was accurate and reliable but also simple, allowing it to be retrofitted into all parlours. Following several years of research and development the Milkalyser team have produced such a system. Milkalyser not only provides a more effective method of oestrus detection, but provides the farmer with all the information they need to improve their herd’s fertility management.

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