Benefits of Milkalyser

Milkalyser technology provides inline analysis of progesterone concentration in milk. The use of progesterone analysis can provide a more reliable view of each cow’s ovulation cycle. A better understanding of this can ensure timely insemination and an increase chance of conception. As a result, the number of cows culled based on infertility could be reduced.

Benefits could include:

  • A higher conception rate due to timelier insemination during oestrus
  • An improvement in submission rates
  • Fewer cullings due to infertility
  • An early detection of pregnancy or re-absorption of the embryo
  • Keeping fewer heifers as replacements
  • By bringing the calving interval below 390 days, a net value of £150 per cow could be saved

Milkalyser allows you to keep your best cows for longer.

To find out more about the benefits Milkalyser could bring to your farm, get in touch with our team.