Key Benefits

Milkalyser allows you to keep your best cows for longer

  • A higher conception rate due to timelier insemination during oestrus
  • An improvement in submission rates
  • Fewer cullings due to infertility
  • An early detection of pregnancy or re-absorption of the embryo
  • Keeping fewer heifers as replacements
  • By bringing the calving interval below 390 days, a net value of £150 per cow could be saved

Why Milkalyser?

The dairy industry is facing a crisis in fertility management. Poor oestrus detection is contributing factor. Conventional oestrus detection methods such as collars or chalking, rely on detecting behavioural oestrus. Recent evidence suggests that behavioural oestrus is declining in length and intensity, reducing the effectiveness of these technologies. Testing milk progesterone concentration is one solution, however the substantial time and labour inputs required have limited it’s widespread use.

What is it?

Progesterone concentration is the gold standard of oestrus detection, and Milkalyser will bring this to every farm. By automating progesterone analysis, Milkalyser removes the time and labour demands associated with progesterone testing.

How does it work?

Using of a combination of sensors, innovative technology, and data analysis, Milkalyser automates the inline analysis of progesterone from milk. Regular sampling using Milkalyser builds an individualised progesterone profile for each cow in the herd. Using this profile, oestrus can be identified, as well as unsuccessful inseminations and reproductive disorders. As a result, the number of cows culled based on infertility could be reduced.

The cost of poor fertility

There is a substantial cost associated with leaving cows open for longer. Progesterone profiles can be used to more accurately detect oestrus and so improve the timing of insemination. Increasing the accuracy of insemination time could save money and improve the likelihood of conception.

Abnormal progesterone profiles can be a sign of reproductive issues and so can help identify cows for further veterinary examination, as well as identify cows which may be pregnant.

To find out more about the benefits Milkalyser could bring to your farm, get in touch with our team.